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Seminar Week
Seminar Week
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Die fragile Struktur 2
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Prozedurale Landschaften 2
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Seminar Week
Die Verzahnung 2
Die Verzahnung 1
Das sequentielle Tragwerk 2
Das sequentielle Tragwerk 1
Die programmierte Säule 2
Die programmierte Säule 1
Freilicht Theater
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Die Wandöffnung 2
Die Wandöffnung 1
Die sequenzielle Wand 2
Die sequenzielle Wand 1
Der Schaum
Die fraktale Wand
Die aufgelöste Wand
Seminar Week
Die perforierte Wand 2
Die perforierte Wand 1
Die programmierte Wand
Das schiefe Loch
Seminar Week HS17, Zürich , 2017
it happened while you were away.
sometimes, exotic places are closer than you would imagine. different cultures, different people, different architectural beliefs. new worlds you might never have been in touch with. yet, is it worthwhile skipping rio for not going further than just across the bridge?

a coup d’ETH

while the others are away, we are inviting you over to HIB, for a week of analysis, understanding, critique and propagation of digital concepts in architecture. together, we will learn and employ cunning tactics to shape the agenda of tomorrow – campaigning for or against the digital. making posters, pamphlets, manifestos, videos – hijacking, hacking, designing, digesting, tweeting, twisting and programming – we celebrate a week of witty activism.

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zeitraum: Montag 23.10. - Freitag 27.10.
teilnehmer: 10-20

for further information contact hannes mayer:
Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zürich

Mitarbeiter: Hannes Mayer (Projektleitung), David Jenny
Ausgewählte Experten: Florian Lamm (Lamm & Kirch Grafik Leipzig), Veronika Spierenburg (Künstlerin, Zürich)

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